RF Wires Bonding / Integration

Callisto has its own internal facility and human ressources for making gold wires bonding for instance on radio frequency (RF) low noise amplifiers (LNA) and MMIC circuits.
We do this activities for our internal needs but also for external customers.
Callisto being a SME we have a very high flexibilty to adapt to customer's unique requirements and planning constraints.
For instance, we can provide RF integration/wire bonding service to customers who have particular, custom needs with low quantity, for instance prototyping or breadboarding circuits integration.

Specimen length [mm]: 150.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 65.0
Specimen height/thk [mm]: 15.0
Mass max. [kg]: 0.5
Project heritage: 20GHz and 26GHz Callisto Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), prototyping circuits and integrations for various customers
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: RF components, Low noise amplifiers, LNA, Radio Frequency components, MMIC, bonding