Information about TriasRnD


TriasRnD is a Digital Platform for Aerospace Test & Engineering Services

TriasRnD is founded with the mission to create one common digital place for engineers looking for external R&D services.

Testing and external services do not have to be complicated by definition. But people are overloaded with administration, in-transparency and the selection of the right facility or engineering service, the right time, shifting schedules. 

Why: "Stop complaining and let's make the world a better place. Let's make engineering better. A little bit every day."

Especially in high-tech sectors like the aerospace industry, where design iterations are very costly and everything has to be optimized: time-to-market, costs, reliability, political aspects, resources, etc, complexity becomes the highest risk for space projects.

I believe that research and development can become simpler. We have the tools available at these times. We just have to use them in such a way that we simplify processes and tasks, reducing complexity, increasing transparency and helping engineers to let them again do what they are best in: solving technical problems.

The Concept

System and test engineers need a faster, more cost-efficient and flexible way to identify, filter and contact the most suitable test facility for their development or operational project. Often engineers do not have the right test facility in-house or the facility is not available in time, or the facility is large and too expensive for the verification budget. TriasRnD offers an easy way to search, filter and ask for a quote of alternatives.

Test facilities are very expensive to operate and maintain (staff, equipment, calibration). Is a facility not used with 100%, then the specific costs per test are increasing. The facility manager often does not have the capacity for reaching out to additional external customers to fill the gaps in his test schedule. This is especially true for smaller test houses and laboratories. TriasRnD offers an easy way to present the facility to the aerospace community and to simplify the contacting process.


TriasRnD - Test and Engineering Services Stefan Schmidt, Founder

With my background in system engineering and AIT for sun sensor development, I noticed how difficult and time consuming it can be to find the right test facility at the right time with the right budget. Especially smaller and SME test houses have a lot of advantages in terms of flexibility, costs and pragmatic know-how. But there are often not visible enough on the industrial landscape.

Establishing a digital platform for testing and engineering services enables the aerospace industry to collaborate in a smarter and more efficient way, while creating a common place to look for test facilities and external services.