Information about TriasRnD

How it works

It is simple and for free

You can search and contact test houses without any costs.  Get informed about the latest environmental testing and engineering services of the space community. It is free and it will stay free. You even do not need to create an account for that. Just have a look.

Organize your test campaigns more convenient and faster

Again, our idea is to simplify testing. We are not publishing testing services by ourselves. This is the responsibility of the service providers. We have contacted them to join our platform. Behind every account there is e.g. the test manager, the lead AIT engineer, or the business developer of each organization. They have to be active members.
Take the shortcut and contact them via our platform and they will receive directly a request from you. With this approach you will save a lot of time for them and as well of your own.

The first steps in using the platform:

  • Signup and fill in the fields using this link.
  • Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email the platform has send you automatically after signing up.
  • Fill in your profile. This is very important to hold the quality high on the platform. Even if you just want to contact the service provider and ask some questions, fill in your profile first. This increases trust between you and the provider, and helps them to take your request seriously.

List your own service on the platform:

Most important to us: You as a service provider will always stay in charge over your content. You can create, edit, close and re-open your listings at any time. It is simple. It will not take you more than 5 minutes of your time per listing.

  • After you have created your account, you get in contact with us and give us a short notice that you are interested in listing your service. You can use our contact form, here.
  • Then we will verify your account manually. This is part of our quality assurance. Not everybody is allowed to create listings.
  • If the verification process is successful we will enable your account and you can immediately start list your services.
  • In case you miss a special filter criteria or even would like to have you own category, please let us know.

About your listings:

  • Every time you get a request from a customer for your service, a notification from the platform will be send to your email address linked to your account.
  • If you like to add multiple email addresses to one account, you can add them in your account settings. In that case it is possible that several people get a notification.
  • If you create a listing for one of your services you can:
    • at any time change the content
    • close the listing (so it will not be visible any more)
    • re-open a listing, if you might decide to set it back online
  • You can also prepare a listing, even it is not fully complete. In that way you can fill in step-by-step your content whenever you have time for it. In order to do that:
    • Create a listing and close it
    • You can edit and save the changes even in a close listing
    • You can maintain the status of all your listings in your listings section in your account

Editing your listing:

  • For the image resolution we recommend:
    • 900x600px or better, but
    • at least 660x440px
  • If you like to add a video in your listing, just add a YouTube-link of your video at the end of your description field. By doing that, the video will be automatically inserted in the listing.
  • You can add a headline in your listing using a hashtag before your title, e.g. "# Example".
  • If you need an additional empty line, you can just add a html space with " ".
  • You can also add a list point by using an asterix before your content, e.g. "* Listing".
We are happy to support you. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Formatting your listing in detail