Callisto designs and manufactures high performance LNAs with associated hardware and software. We provide consultancy, engineering services, equipment design and system integration in the field of satellite communications.

Callisto's main office is located near Toulouse, France where we have laboratories equipped with radiofrequency instruments and cryogenic test facilities. Callisto is a leading supplier for Deep Space communications (e.g. space exploration missions to the planets) and radio astronomy applications (including VLBI - Very Long Baseline Interferometry).

Ultra-low noise performance is achieved by cryo-cooling the electronic RF components of the amplifier circuits.
This ultra-low noise technology can also be used in main stream satellite applications such as Earth Observation where the benefit is a reduction in the size and costs of ground antennas. Callisto's unique cryogenic designs can also reduce maintenance and running costs compared to traditional cryo-systems.

Callisto is a company of the Celestia Technologies Group.

Name of organisation: Callisto

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