Space Optical Units Development

LIDAX develops custom opto-mechanical assemblies, from design through to the delivery of integrated and tested equipment.

Our Optical Units are essential in Optical and IR Instruments which operates from IR, VIS up to UV wavelength and may include precise passive/active thermal control elements and, if necessary, high accuracy positioning mechanisms.

LIDAX’s space product family includes:
• Optical Units for Spectrometers
• Telescope Optics & Mounts
• Folding Mirrors
• Cryogenic Mirrors
• Optical Heads
• Lens Barrels
• Beam Splitters

Project heritage: EXOMARS RAMAN Instrument: iOptical Head Thermo-Mechanics
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: Optical Mirrors, Lens, Folding Mirrors, Optics, Telescope