Bruno Levrier Expertises

Bruno Levrier Expertises

I advise you in assessing and improving the reliability of your electronic and electromechanical systems with personalized consulting.

I propose the following services and competences,

Scientific computing

  • Multi-physics modelling and Finite Element Analysis.
  • Software development for data analysis and measurement (electric, mechanical, acoustic, X-ray).
  • Skills in several softwares (Ansys APDL, Ansys Workbench, Matlab, Maple, Scilab, and SPICE).


  • Technological watch (components, process, materials, failure mechanisms and wear-out, technologies, harsh environments).
  • Improvement of electronic packaging and assembly process.
  • Assistance for test bench design (electronic, mechanical, acoustic).

Design for Reliability

  • Problem Solving.
  • Reliability assessment (Physics of Failure, MIL-HDBK, FIDES, DfR).
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Bruno Levrier Expertises