Cryogenic Engineering

With over 25 years in cryogenic systems, Callisto provides a range of independent consulting solutions relating to the use of closed-loop mechanical cryo-coolers, in two main instances:
. For brand new cryostat/cryogenic packaging design and builds.
. For existing systems, providing design improvements and upgrades, similar to a "health care" plan for your dry cryogenic system to extend its operational lifetime.

Improvements to your cryogenic system that we can address:
. Decrease the base temperature
. Improve the temperature stability
. Reduce the cooldown time
. Reduce the vacuum pumpdown time
. Improve the long-term performance and reliability
. Reduce the energy consumption
. Improve the maintenance/maintainability of your cryogenic system (downtime reduction, cost reduction, performance efficiency)

Callisto can bring to bear its extensive knowledge of the selection of the best cryo-coolers for each application, the best ancillary equipment and the best cryo packaging components. These solutions have already been implemented and proven on our own cryo systems presently in operation for deep space telecommunications and radioastronomy.

Project heritage: European Space Agency (ESA) cryogenic RF receivers for deep space telecommunications, Radioastronomy, VLBI
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: cryogenic RF receivers, telecommunications, Radioastronomy, VLBI, LNA, Low Noise Amplifiers, Cryogenic, Cryocoolers