Pin-On-Disc Tribometer PREMIUM

For first tribological assessment, so-called Pin-On-Disc tribometers offer the most simple and cost effective test to derive friction, wear and a fore-cast for the life-time of materials and coatings for use in space and planetary exploration.

AAC runs a vacuum tribometer, which enables the investigation of materials and coatings with respect to friction and wear properties in (thermal) vacuum. It enables on-line measurement of friction force during unidirectional sliding according to standardised pin-on-disc, ball-on-disc or cylinder-on-disc geometries. Environments vary from vacuum, gases under controllable pressures (e.g. to simulate Martian environment: 6mbar CO2) or to air with controlled humidity. Also linear wear is determined on-line. Mass spectrometer can be attached to analyse residual gas (e.g. desorption of contaminants from degradation of oils or greases).

Measurement of
• Friction force / Friction coefficient
• Linear wear (on-line)
• Wear (geometric or mass loss)
• Environmental Data
• Optional (e.g. residual gas, user defined)

Different options are available (on demand):
1. Testing from air to high vacuum
2. Testing in controlled gas environment, e.g. simulating Martian atmosphere (6 mbar in CO2)
3. -100°C up to +300°C
4. Motion selectable between unidirectional rotation to oscillating motion
5. Contamination monitoring: a mass spectrometer to detect on-line contamination (e.g. outgassing of fluid lubricants or their cracks).

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Type: Service
Data acquisition: friction coefficient, wear, environmental data, residual gas analysis
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: pin-on-disc, PoD, tribometer, vacuum -tribometer, friction coefficient