Accelerated Weathering Tester PREMIUM

The accelerated weathering tester mimics outdoor weathering conditions on materials by subjecting them to alternating cycles of UV radiation and moisture. This simulation incorporates natural sunlight and artificial UV light using specialized fluorescent lamps. Notably, the tester addresses the prolonged exposure to dew in outdoor environments by simulating moisture through a unique condensation process. Precise temperature control is kept, allowing for accelerated testing, as higher temperatures can speed up the damaging effects of light and moisture on materials. Our Accelerated Weathering Tester uses a UVA-340 lamp to replicate short-wave UV radiation, effectively emulating sunlight damage. In a matter of days or weeks, it can reproduce damage that would typically take months or even years in outdoor conditions.

• Accelerated testing
• UV radiation exposure
• Moisture exposure
• Temperature control
• Cycle Replication
• Customized test parameters
• Tests according to standards

Specimen Orientation: 75° (from horizontal)
Lamp Type: UVA-340
Minimum Irradiance (W/m2 /nm): 0.20
Maximum Irradiance (W/m2 /nm): 1.55
Specimen Size:
• Standard Holder: 75 ×150 mm (Exposure Area: 95 × 63 mm)
• Medium Holder: 100 × 150 mm (Exposure Area: 95 × 88 mm)
• Large Holder: 150 × 150 mm (Exposure Area: 95 × 132 mm)

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Type: Service
Features radiation:
Heavy ion
Specimen length [mm]: 132.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 95.0
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: Accelerated Weathering Testing, UV-Tester, UV Radiation Simulation, Environmental Testing Equipment, Outdoor Material Simulation, UV Accelerated Aging, Moisture Exposure Testing, Material Degradation