Faro Arm

The Faro Arm Quantum M is a versatile, portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that offers exceptional precision for tasks such as quality control, reverse engineering, and dimensional analysis. Its advanced technology allows users to accurately measure and inspect complex parts and surfaces.

The Faro LLP (Laser Line Probe) is an attachment for the Faro Arm that enables high-speed 3D laser scanning. It rapidly captures detailed surface data, making it ideal for applications like capturing as-built conditions, creating digital replicas of objects, and performing non-contact inspections.

Together, the Faro Arm Quantum M and Faro LLP create a powerful combination that brings precise measurements and efficient 3D scanning, revolutionising various industries' capabilities in terms of accuracy, speed, and data collection.

Located at either our Harwell Campus facilities or Westcott Venture Park facilities.

Watch our facility video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFRCdSRsWqk

Type: Service
Keywords: faro arm, cmm, coordinate measurement machine, dimensional analysis, surface data, 3D laser scanning, engineering inspection