UR10e Robotic Arm

The UR10e robotic arm is a precise and flexible automated robotic solution designed by Universal Robots. It has a payload capacity of up to 10 kg and a reach of 1300 mm. The robotic arm has 6 degrees of freedom, and can be mounted with a gripper (we have 2 or 3 fingers gripper available), allowing for a high level of dexterity.

The UR10e is equipped with collaborative features with its force-sensing system that enables it to detect contact. This makes it safe to work alongside humans. The robotic arm is easy to program and reconfigure, making it adaptable for different tasks.

The robotic arm can be a valuable to tool to test new technologies for the space sector. Its precision and agility make it suitable for manipulations tasks, such as assembling and testing small components in a controlled environment. The robotic arm collaborative aspect can assist in conducting experiments and test with its accuracy and repeatability.

We also have developed a simulation environment of the UR10e robotic arm and its environment (the robotics lab) in Visual Components. We also have two very new development: haptic feedback control of the robotic arm, and Virtual Reality simulation and control. The haptic feedback control gives the user tactile sensations of the robotic arm, enabling a more intuitive and accurate interactions for tasks.
The VR simulation made it also possible to visualize the robotics arm and its environment in Virtual Reality and to control the robotic arm using VR controller. This new functionality can be used for teleoperation of the robotic arm. Teleoperation of a robotic arm is very beneficial for space environment, as it enables tasks to be conducted with human-like control from a remote location, minimizing risks for human life.

Watch our video explainer for the robotic arm:

Type: Service
Keywords: robotic arm, mechanical robot, robotics tool, force-sensing, in-orbit servicing