Vibration Table 22kN

Our Vibration Table allows fast and accurate vibration testing of satellites and components. Operating at a peak force of 22kN, it is ideal for Cube Sats and other small satellites. Quick transformation between horizontal and vertical axis means no delays in testing.

The Vibration Table is located in our Clean Room complex alongside our Thermal Vacuum Chamber so that both of these final stage tests can be carried out without leaving a clean environment. Our clean rooms are available for short term rental so that final assembly can be carried out in the same building as this testing. Located inside the Zephyr Building at Harwell Campus.

-IMV A22 Vibration Test System
-Centrotecnica RT 600 Slip Table
-3 VRC VR9500 vibration controllers – 12 channels in total
-22 kN Sine and 22 kN Random force
-Sine acceleration 100g
-Random acceleration 63g rms
-300 kg max load

Watch our facility video here:

Type: Service
Keywords: vibration table, satellite testing, acceleration, peak force, vibration test system