Compact Antenna Test Range

The Compact Antenna Test Range facility is particularly suitable for the dynamic over-the-air performance testing of electronically steerable antennas and terminals for Satcoms or 5G applications in the frequency range 10GHz to 31GHz, offering a quiet zone up to 42cm. The Compact Range is available for daily or monthly lease (subject to availability) and our experts are on hand to support you with each stage of your product’s testing and development.

Typical use cases include antenna radiation pattern amplitude, phase and gain measurements. Also dynamic over-the-air functional testing of antenna beam pointing and tracking to satellite / base-station while the Device-Under-Test is moving along an arbitrary azimuth / elevation trajectory. The Compact Range is located inside the Electron Building at Harwell Campus alongside our Near Field Antenna Test Range.

Watch our facility video here:

Type: Service
Keywords: satellite antenna testing, antenna measurement data, frequency measurements, co-polar, cross-polar, radiation patterns