Electron radiation testing

The electron-LINAC of St. Maria Hospital (AOT) located in Terni, Italy, provides the electrons with the energy range from 4 to 20 MeV. This e-LINAC, within a cooperation agreement and collaboration with the hospital, is prepared to irradiate semiconductors, optics, polymers, particle detectors etc. with energy ranges and fluxes of interest for aerospace community.
At a 100 cm working distance the electron flux is about 5E7 e/(cm2s) and can be scaled down to few particles per second at larger distances. The beam profile, electron energy and flux are measured by semiconductor based detector (by BEAMIDE) and also by Advanced Markus Chamber(AMC) provided by AOT.

Type: Service
Features radiation:
Heavy ion
Energy [MeV]: 4.0
Flux: 5E7 e/(cm2s)
Keywords: electron, irradiation