Infrared radiation testing

This setup is particularly useful for radiation sensitivity mapping of ICs and for debugging of instrumentation and circuitry prior to go to the irradiation site. For this purpose it has been used by major research centers and industry.
The DUT is placed on submicron precision movement system and scanned under the fixed IR beam spot (of a few micron FWHM). The beam positioning, intensity and environmental parameters are controlled by dedicated software.
The system consists of an IR (915 nm) pulsed laser with an average pulse width of 15 ns and peak power of 20 W (at 10 kHz rpf). It also includes a set of optical focusing lenses, a submicron sensitive XYZ Theta mechanical assembly, laser profile detectors and a GHz oscilloscope.

Type: Service
Available standards (e.g. ASTM, MIL): ESA/ESTEC, TESAT, CAEN, SITAEL, IMEC, STM
Features radiation:
Heavy ion
Keywords: Infrared, laser, IC