Rocket Engine Test Facility

Rocket Engine Test Facility - our indoor test bench, equipped with state-of-art measurement system design for specific requirements of every test, that allows us to be highly flexible to meet needs off all costumers. The control application is working on the PXI real-time machine what ensures reliability and security with a minimum delay and high frequency acquisition rates. Adequate procedures include failure modes prediction, what ensures maximum safety of the test specimen.

The facility also accommodates an integration room, control room, chemical laboratories and test stand for injector characterization equipped with a 3D PIV laser measurement system.

During the last 2 years, on basis of High Speed Imaging and Thermovision, we gained experience with recording and analysis of ignition devices, injectors, hypergolic ignition, drogue gun devices or even the launch of our ILR-33 AMBER rocket.

We know that proper postprocessing is as important as perfect preparation and measurements. This is why, during years of projects, our personnel mastered skills and dedicated software. Within last year we also implemented cloud solutions for better communication with our partners.

Type: Service
Data acquisition: Real-time PXI platform, up to 200 input channels, up to 2 MS/s
Project heritage: GRACE, HyproGeo, Pulcher, ILR-33 Amber main hybrid motor, pyrotechnic devices, hypergolic fuels with High Test Peroxide
Keywords: rocket engine, test facility, rocket, engine, Institute of Aviation, Poland