Innovative Materials Lab

The mission of Innovative Materials Lab is the study and development of high performance structures in extreme operating conditions. The laboratory is equipped with instrumentation useful for basic thermal characterization of materials, as the calorimetry, thermal expansion coefficient, and mechanical properties. It is also able to measure the mass loss of materials due to heating/cooling thermal cycles and the viscosity of liquids and suspensions. The laboratory is also equipped with a microscopy unit that includes both optical microscopes and an Environmental Electron Scanning Microscope (ESEM-FEG). Finally, the laboratory has an instrument, totally developed in-house, for measuring the contact angle between a fluid and the surface with which it interacts.

Technical features
• Environmental SEM FEG EDXS
Max Zoom: 600.000x - Electron energy: up to 30KV - Heating Stage up to 1500°C - Chamber pressure 10-4 torr¸ 20 torr
• Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Temp. range: -180°C ¸ +725°C - Max heating rate 100°C/min
• Scanning Differential Thermogravimetry
Temp. range: RT¸ +1500°C - Max heating rate 200°C/min
• Dynamic Mechanical Analyser
Temp. range: -150°C ¸ +600°C - Max heating rate 100°C/min - Frequency range: 0.01 Hz ¸ 200 Hz
• Thermo Mechanical Analyser
Temp. range: -150°C ¸ +1000°C - Max heating rate 100°C/min
• Rheometer
Temp. range: -100°C, +300°C - Max heating rate 100°C/min
• Stereo-microscope
Image Analysis – Fractography Analysis - Zoom 80x
• Metallographic microscope
Zoom 5000x – Max risolution at 1000x

Project heritage: Clean Sky 2, VEGA Launcher
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: CIRA, thermal characterization of materials, thermal expansion coefficient, mechanical properties, heating/cooling thermal cycles, viscosity of liquids and suspensions