GROOVE - On-Orbit Verification CubeSat

GROOVE is your chance to send hardware or experiments to space in an unprecedentedly easy, straightforward, fast and cost effective way.
Based on flight proven and reliable components, we have designed a CubeSat bus with 10 identical payload slots. In this way, all customers share the resources of the satellite in terms of volume, mass, duty cycle, power and downlink capacity, reducing the overall costs by an order of magnitude.

Each payload slot can be equipped with a PCB which is designed by the customer according to a specification by GOS. The data generated by the electronics on the PCB will be handled as "black box" and transferred through the whole satellite bus to the ground station and to the customer.

For electrical fit-checks the customer must deliver two identical PayloadSlots 3-6 month before launch (Flight model and flight spare).

Each slot is powered for 8 minutes in each orbit. The data which is generated during that time is forwarded by the satellite bus to one of our ground stations.

The PoC mission will be 2020 Q1 (LEO).
We plan a minimum of two launches a year with new features.

Mission duration: 1 year

Specimen length [mm]: 83.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 70.0
Mass max. [kg]: 0.2
Keywords: microgravity in-orbit demonstration