Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe srl

Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe srl

The decade of in-space infrastructure has arrived. We’re here to make sure you have all the access you need.

Nanoracks was founded in 2009 to provide commercial access to low-Earth orbit. Since then, we have brought over 1,300 research payloads and small satellites to the International Space Station (ISS). But we do much more than that – consider us your one-stop-shop. Whether you need research access, to deploy a small satellite, or run a marketing campaign – we’re here for you.

We will soon own and operate our own commercial space stations, we call them ‘Outposts’, that will open the doors to new commercial ventures never before seen in space. We’re at the cusp of seeing just what is possible in space when an agile, innovative commercial company leads the way with partners all around the world.

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Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe srl