Shaker Long-Stroke J-Series

The J-Series shaker meet a wide range of vibration test requirements and specifications for a versatile testing environment, especially for tests where a high displacement is required. Such as transportation tests or low frequency applications.
J-Series shaker combine advanced automatic energy-saving technology and a high level of functionality and provide an improved working environment for vibration testing.
Sine Force: 16 - 54 kN
Random Force: 16 - 54 kNrms
Shock Force/High Velocity Mode: up to 198 kN
Velocity Sine: 2 m/s
Velocity Shock/High Velocity Mode: 2.5 m/s/3.5 m/s
Displacement: 100 mm pk-pk
Maximum Load: up to 1000 kg
Cooling: Air Cooled
Higher Shock Force available, depending on amplifier configuration.
Possible to add expanders (guided and unguided), slip tables and vibration controllers.

Contact us if you need help with system selection and are interested in further details.

Type: Product
Keywords: eco-shaker, vibration, smart, IMV, J-series