Your Payload Mission on the ISS

IOT/ IOV made easy with BARTOLOMEO: Bring your payload (3U – 1.3m³) to the International Space Station (and back, if needed) – easy, affordable, flexible.

In-orbit testing and verification, Earth observation missions, Space robotics, Space weather monitoring, exobiology experiments,… all of this (and much more!) has become much easier:

Airbus now offers a complete service that makes operating a payload in low-Earth orbit as easy (and also affordable!) as never before - with all elements of your Space mission packaged into a completely worry-free service that includes launch, installation, operations and even a return to Earth if needed.

Size of a standard slot is 800x700x1,000 mm³, but payload sizes can range from sizes as small as 3U to a maximum size of 800x1,500x1,000 mm³ and weigh anywhere from 5 to 450 kg. Prices for a one year mission start well under Eur 500,000.

Type: Service
Specimen length [mm]: 800.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 1500.0
Specimen height/thk [mm]: 1000.0
Mass max. [kg]: 450.0
Project heritage: Decades of experience in space systems, payloads, ISS operations
Keywords: ISS, payload, payload hosting, IOT, IOV, low-earth orbit, in-orbit experiments, microgravity,