Tracking Radar

MORABA is the service provider for the range instrumentation radar (RIR-774C), a highly mobile and accurate C-Band (5.4 - 5.9 GHz), mono pulse, single target tracking radar.

The basic radar comprises two standard 20 foot ISO containers (Electronic and Pedestal container). In addition, two more 20 foot ISO containers (Lab and Transport container) are provided. The Lab container is expandable to 28 foot.

Requirements for the setup are space for 4 standard 20 foot ISO containers with solid ground (e.g. gravel) for three containers and very solid ground (e.g. concrete or compressed gravel) for the Pedestal container, trucks and a crane for loading and unloading, two 63 A (Cekon), 5-wire (3 phases, neutral and ground) power plugs (220 V / 380 V) for permanent power. The power consumption is about 25 kVA with the radar fully operational.

Optionally, an internal analog intercom system (4-wire) can be adapted to other intercom systems for communication and the time code generator can be synchronized to an external IRIG-B signal or to the internal GPS clock.


  • Tracking Accuracy: 0.015° RMS with 10 dB SNR (Angles); +/- 5 meters RMS with 10 dB SNR (Range)
  • Data precision: 19-bit Angles, 23-bit Range
  • Digital Data Output: RS232 in 26 byte messages format (8-bit bytes)
  • Operation Modes: TV and RF (skin, beacon, mixed, designate)
  • Acquisition Aids: Range-Hit Processor (Auto Acquisition for full PRT and 3k yard segment), Angles-Local Designate (Optical Director), Computer GEN. scans, Angles and Range-Remote Designate (via data link)
Project heritage: SHEFEX, TEXUS, MAXUS, HIFIRE, REXUS, EXOMA, WADIS, PMWE, NASA AZURE …, more than 700 launches with DLR Radar support.
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: Tracking, Radar, Range Instrumentation, MORABA, DLR