Propellant Provision

Propellant provision (Hypergiolic, Monergolic, Electric)

The propellants team in Lampoldshausen manages all fueling activities in Lampoldshausen itself w.r.t. MMH, UDMH, Hydrazine, NTO, MON1, MON3, Xenon... etc. and worldwide in order to provide our customers with everything they might possibly need for their satellites, launch vehicles and other space crafts such as e.g. the ATV, VEGA upper stage, etc. We have specifically certified propellant transport containers (PTCs) to fit all possible requirements on lots of launch sites all over the world (ADR/IMDG/RID/DOT).
Last but not least we can also provide simulant fluids for satellite testing (demineralized water; 2-Propanol, HFE).

for your inquiry it would be great to receive the following information:

Do you have your own containers, that can be used or do you need ours?
What are your propellant specifications?
Do you have special cleanliness (Particle count) requirements - in addition to the specification?
What is the amount of each Fluid you need?
Where do you want us to ship to?

Please be aware that for most of the mentioned fluids the lead times are 6 months or even more.

Project heritage: VEGA upper stage; AESTUS; Beppi-Colombo; EDRS; METOP;
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: Propellants; Hydrazine; MMH ; UDMH; NTO; MON; MON-1; MON-3; Xenon