Simulation Fluid Loading and Drying

Simulation Fluid Loading/Un-loading and Drying

During the Validation activities for newly developed Satellite platforms or simply if some fuel tanks need to be loaded for Vibration testing, ArianeGroup provides the loading service for simulant fluids. The usual fluids we work with are deionized Water, 2-Propanol (or ISO-Propanol or IPA), HFE (3M NOVEC High Tech Fluids - e.g. 7100). Within our service portfolio we do the loading, the unloading as well as the drying activities if needed. We bring the fluids ourselves but we can also work with them as CFI ( if they are provided by the customer).

We do the loading based on customer needs, e.g. directly on their premises or at test facility providers such as e.g. IABG or INTESPACE.

ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: Simulation fluid; IPA; 2-Propanol; HFE; NOVEC 7100; deionized water