Mobile Telemetry Station

MORABA is the service provider for a fully containerized mobile telemetry, tracking and telecommand station in the S-band frequency spectrum. The station can be set up around the globe with minimal requirements on the site. It is self-contained and adaptable to a variety of configurations. Multiple telemetry and TV links with various modulation schemes can be received, demodulated, forwarded online and recorded simultaneously.

Control Station

  • Two side expandable, isolated ISO-Container
  • Redundant external power supply with automatic selection and internal UPS
  • Dual air condition for equipment and operating room for outdoor temp. -40°C- +50°C
  • Telemetry instruments mounted in five vibration damped 19’’ Racks (AL-4000 Orbit ACU, 6 Cortex RTR Dual Receiver + 4 Intus TV Dual Receiver, 2 Wideband digital Recorder, Spectrum Analyzer, 2 Oscilloscopes)

Primary antenna

  • 5m Parabolic reflector, segmentable
  • Main feed: S-Band 5 Element E-Scan Tracking Feed, RHC/LHC
  • Acquisition feed: S-Band 4 Element SCM Tracking Feed, RHC/LHC
  • AL-4034D Orbit Pedestal, EL/AZ, dual drive
  • Transportation and operation on ISO-Flat rack
  • dual drive on both axes to reduce backlash and increase pointing accuracy to <0.05° *max. angular acceleration: 25°/sec², max. angular velocity: 25°/sec

Secondary antenna

  • 1.5 m Parabolic reflector
  • Feed: S-Band 5 Element E-Scan Tracking Feed, RHC/LHC
  • AL-4012S Orbit Pedestal, EL/AZ
  • Stand-alone operation or in master-slave configuration with primary antenna
  • max. angular acceleration: 30°/sec², max. angular velocity: 30°/sec

Project heritage: SHEFEX, MAIUS, MAXUS, MAPHEUS, MASER, TEXUS, REXUS, … Technologies and operational support for satellite missions (INSPECTOR, EXPRESS, BIRD).
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: TT&C, Telemetry, Tracking, Command, MORABA, DLR