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Jean-Luc Maria

Cofounder & CTO at Exotrail


"When it comes the time to prepare and optimize your AIT phase and then to test your space hardware, it is often difficult to identify the right facility, in the right timeframe. TriasRnD is the perfect tool to be more efficient on this critical project phase. So grateful to contribute to this huge coordination effort."

David Orgaz Díaz

CEO at Madrid Space


"The space market comes from an “institutional” era, where business was not in the middle. Newspace era has arrived, but space is not a mainstream world yet. Thus, finding the ideal partner, facility or provider still requires a substantial effort, especially for SMEs working on “old space” like us. It also works the other way around: it is difficult for traditional companies to find the ideal service provider. TriasRnD makes this process less traumatic, whereas it allows you to identify high quality players within the space industry all over the world. In short, TriasRnD adds dynamism to the entire space sector."

Dr Bill Williams

Director at TS-Space Systems


"As a test house, one of our challenges is reaching new customers while meeting the needs of our existing ones. TriasRnD helps new customers find us quickly and increases our presence when searching for test services beyond standard directory listings or search engines."

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Find space testing facilities and services in a simple way. The difference to a list in the web is quality. All services are up-to-date and offered by high-quality providers. All providers you find on TriasRnD offer a real available service to external clients.

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Discover several hundred testing services of the space industry, like e.g. sine and random vibration, pyro shock, thermal vacuum cycling, outgassing, material, rocket and propulsion facilities, EMC, hyper and micro gravity opportunities, as well as TID, DD, SEE, radiation tests, and EEE parts testing services.

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More Customer Feedback

Luca Celotti

CTO at Azimuth Space


"Having relevant test facilities for space applications represents a key enabling point for internal developments, but also an important service for external customers. Matching the request of test services to actual available facilities is usually not easy and time demanding. TriasRnD allows this in an extremely efficient, simple and dynamic way, providing large visibility also to small test centers and SME."

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