Engineering of composite parts

Compoxi is a skilled organization that provides turnkey solutions around advanced composite products. Compoxi services includes integral design, analysis and manufacturing of product, including

  • Redesign of metallic structures
  • Development of components from Aerosurfaces or DMUs
  • Mechanical analysis of composite materials
  • Thermal analysis of composite materials
  • Advanced analysis of composite materials (debonding, cohesive elements, multi-material structures, damage, delamination)
  • Simulation of process (RTM, Infusion) and process-induced effects (distortions, residual stresses)
  • Process Engineering (Layup definition, plybook)
  • MGSE
  • Tooling and manufacturing jigs design
Available standards (e.g. ASTM, MIL): According to space and/or aeronautic design codes
Project heritage: Heritage in Space, HAPS and aero components
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: CFRP, Composite, Engineering, FEMs