MTA EK Cleanroom

The ISO7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom is validated to the standard regulations and equipped with an anti-static PVC cover and ESD protected desktops. The air handling unit is equipped with 2-step filtration (G4, F9), with cooled heat exchanger, electric heating and blower fan.

Automation system ensures the operation of the ventilation system by controlling temperature, humidity and room pressure. Control works automatically by a controller unit. The collections of the controlled values are ensured by a computer and a graphical data-view, whereon the temperature, humidity and pressure can be monitored and logged.

These values are also appear on a display in the cleanroom. Two workstations are available in the cleanroom for activities. The cleanroom is equipped for space hardware soldering and final integration activities according to the applicable ECSS standards.

Keywords: Cleanroom, Budapest, MTA EK