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REMRED Space Technologies Ltd. is a spin off founded by one of the pioneer Hungarian space research group, Centre for Energy Research Space Research Department with 50 years of relevant experience. The primary mission of REMRED Technologies Ltd. is to develop, test and adopt technologies and techniques for space applications, particularly for space research instrumentation for national and foreign industrial users. The company provides specific space industrial services, like vibration and T-VAC testing of small space equipment according to ECSS, cleanroom (ISO7) soldering and assembly, space engineering consultancy and detailed design development of small space equipment in the fields of mechanics, electronics and related software. REMRED Ltd. offers some specific instrumentation as space market products in the field of space weather, cosmic radiation and space dosimetry monitoring. The company has the expertise in coordinating activities related to flight models of specific small equipment and space research instruments from manufacturing through assembly until the end of acceptance testing, including specific calibration campaigns

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