Walk-In Temperature and Humidity Test Service

Experior Laboratories’ environmental testing range from small to large temperature chambers with and without humidity control. Temperature chambers range from -170°C to +300°C and 5%RH to 98%RH. All chambers feature port holes for routing supply lines and/or signal cables to and from the equipment under test and all are equipped with electronic data acquisition monitoring to allow real time charting of climatic conditions through data files and spreadsheets.

Our testing facility features walk-in chambers up to 800 cu. ft. for both temperature and humidity testing. Extra large access doors provide convenient access for large test articles.

Higher temperature [K]: 573.15
Lower temperature [K]: 103.15
Highest rH [%]: 98.0
Lowest rH [%]: 5.0
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: walk-in thermal and humidity chamber, tv cycling, climatic testing