TID Test

Total Ionization Dose Test with a wide range of test conditions:

  • ELDRS, Low and high dose rates.
  • Static and dynamic biasing.
  • Test conditions monitored and remotelly controlled.
  • All potential annealing and accelerated aging conditions
  • Large available area for multiple simultaneous testing

We support the activity, designing the test plans, developing the test programs and the necessary bias and test boards, performing the test and providing a detailed report to the customers including a detailed data analysis of the gathered information.

The irradiation test service is designed to fit the customer needs. A flexible source, with high availability, is complemented with an extensive electrical measurement capabilities able to test from discrete devices to new complex state of the art Integrated circuits, passing through radio-frequency products, power devices, opto-electronics,…, etc.

In addition to the ISO/IEC 17025 certification, the test is covered by our DLA – MIL Lab suitability, which means that our test are recognized by the USA DoD MIL system.

Features radiation:
Heavy ion
Project heritage: More than 30 years performing Radiation test for the Space community (Meteosat, Bepi-Colombo, Rosetta, Herschel-Plank, …) and also for other industrial sectors in which the electronics can be exposed to an irradiation environment: high energy physics, nuclear installations, etc.
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: Radiation Test, Alter Technology