Thermal Vacuum Chamber UM2

UM2 thermal vacuum chamber

TVC UM2 is designed to carry out simulation tests of spatial enrivonement. It is possible to carry out tests of several days on components or satellites.

Several types of test are possible :
- cycling between high and low thermal extreme
- bakeout with high temperature

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Features thermal:
Solar simulator
Thermal plate
Temperature controlled shroud
Specimen length [mm]: 700.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 600.0
Specimen height/thk [mm]: 550.0
Mass max. [kg]: 50.0
Higher temperature [K]: 403.15
Lower temperature [K]: 113.15
Data acquisition: AGILENT 34980A
Vacuum limit [hPa] [mbar]: < 5.10-5
Cleanroom classes (ISO 14644-1):
ISO Class ≤5
ISO Class 6
ISO Class 7
ISO Class 8
ISO Class 9
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: TVAC, TV test, thermal vacuum cycling, thermal cycling, bakeout, qcm, latecoere