Propellant loading services

ArianeGroup has a long history of providing services at launch sites all over the world - specifically: the propellant loading for Hydrazines and N2O4 (and derivatives such as e.g. MON1 or MON3). Within our portfolio we do Mono-propellant loading as well as Bi-propellant loading campaigns together with the needed Helium pressurization of the space craft fuel tanks.

Launch sites we worked on: Kourou, Baikonur, Plesetzk, Yasni, Xichang, Shri, Harikota, Vandenberg, Kennedy Space Center

Mass max. [kg]: 2200.0
Project heritage: ATV 1-5, Myriade, Plejades, EUROSTAR, SPACEBUS, MTG, EXOMARS, EDRS, ALSAT2B, SENTINAL 2A/2B; SB7, ST-2, TK4A/B, KOMPSAT, GK2, AMOS 4&6, ARSAT 1&2, DSN1, SEOSAR PAZ, Es'Hail2,
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: Propllant loading bi-propellant mono-propellant Helium Hydrazine NTO MON1 MON3