Structural testing

5 MTS Hydraulic Actuators single ended design with tension force between 649 and 66,5kN tension and compression force between 1014 and 107kN, double acting (hydraulic pressure on both sides of the unequal area piston) with a full end to end stroke between 1000 and 254 mm and incorporated with a displacement transducer;
Swivel Base Assembly;
Swivel Rod End Assembly;
LPM servovalve, equipped with MTS 289.11S load limiter valve that accurately and independently limits the output force of the actuator in both tension and compression that senses force changes and limits the overall rise after limiting begins to 145 psi at full flow;
Dual Bridge Axial Load Cells.

Multiple control and meeting rooms at the structural testing area to ensure client privacy and control over the testing site.

The ISQ LEE lab designs experiments for non-standard testing up to TRL6, including technology demonstrator testing for industries such as aeronautics, aerospace, big science and renewable energy. This includes developing methodologies and equipment designed to meet specific customer testing needs, designing and operating special test benches, writing test procedures, executing tests and managing multi-technology test programs.

Type: Service
Features mechanical:
Static load
Micro vibration
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: Structural, Mechanical, Tension, Force, Compression, Load, Fatigue, Stress