Additive Manufacturing

The ISQ AM (Additive Manufacturing) laboratory comprises several additive manufacturing technologies, namely powder bed fusion, wire arc (MIG/MAG and plasma) and laser metal deposition. The laboratory is equipped with a set of post processing techniques for the final treatment of the produced components, and it also includes a set of software tools that enables the activities of design and generative design ( DfAM ), trajectory generation and thermomechanical simulation.

This laboratory allows supporting industrial innovation, particularly in the simulation of additive manufacturing processes, as well as the qualification and certification of processes and operators. In this field ISQ is an Authorised Nominated Body for Additive Metal Manufacturing (AM ANB) by the certification and qualification system of the EWF (European Welding Federation), ensuring that the qualification system is correctly implemented. Additionally, ISQ is also an AM ATB (Approved Training Body) and is therefore an Approved Training Centre for Additive Metal Fabrication to develop training activities within the scope of the EWF Training and Qualification system.

Powder Bed Fusion - Laser Beam (PBF LB)
-Power source: 500W laser, 1070nm
-Build volume size: 250 mm x 250 mm x 350 mm (as well as reduced build volume size of 78x78x50 mm^3
-Layer thickness as low as 10 - 20 microns and spot size of 80 microns

Directed Energy Deposition - Arc (DED Arc)
-Power sources: MIG/MAG, TIG/Plasma
-Several wire-arc transfer modes (MIG Pulse, CMT, CMT Pulse, PMC, PMC Mix)
-Build volume size: medium to large (only limited by the robot arm maximum reach)

Directed Energy Deposition Laser Beam (DED LB)
-Power source: 5 kW laser
-Build volume size: medium to large (only limited by the robot arm maximum reach)
-Two independent hoppers for powder feed

-Stainless Steels
-Cobalt Chrome

DfAM and Simulation
-Design for AM
-Thermo-mechanical simulation
-Modelling and topological optimization

AM Post-Processing
-Heat treatment
-Bead blasting
-Powder sieving
-Ultrasound cleaning

Testing and Characterization
-Microstructural characterization and surface analysis (X ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy)
-Mechanical tests (uniaxial compression and tensile, Charpy, bending, low/high cycle fatigue, hardness)
-Non-destructive testing (computed radiography, ultrasonic, thermography, Eddy currents, tomography)
-Chemical, electrochemical and corrosion evaluation (salt spray, moisture, thermal shock, pitting, crevice, intergranular corrosion)
-Dimensional quality control

-Feasibility studies of parts design and selection of manufacturing technologies for implementation in industry
-Design, simulation, modelling and topological optimization of parts and components
-Customized manufacturing of single or small series parts and post-processing
-Testing, characterization and inspection of materials,
parts and components
-Certification support of components (design, materials, manufacturing, post-processing, inspection and testing)
-Training and qualification of personnel

Type: Service
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: AM; Addictive Manufacturing; Laser; PBF LB; DED Arc; DED LB