3D X-ray (CT-scan) on AM parts

ELEMCA provides CT-scan (computed tomography: 3D X-ray imaging) on mechanical parts (prototypes, QM, FM), especially on AM additive manufacturing metal ones.

Your needs
- process optimization and validation (best parameters balance between productivity & quality)
- product qualification: internal defects acceptance + dimensional compliance w/ CAD model .step

Our NDT engineers & technicians team use a medium-energy CT-scanner (BHGE), enabling control of large and dense parts.

key features
max XYZ dimensions 350x350x500mm
max thickness ~40mm (stainless steels), ~60mm (Ti-based alloys), ~120mm (Al-based alloys)

Our space industrial customers (OEMs, payload suppliers), EMS and semiconductor IDMs appreciate ELEMCA key advantages:
- fast-delivery
- cost-competitive rates
- compliance-check report
- 3D movie, with virtual slicing from end-to-end of the whole part

Type: Service
Project heritage: Space authorities (CNES, ESA) + major OEMs (AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, LEONARDO, SODERN, THALES ALENIA SPACE) + major AM French manufacturers
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: CT-scan, Computed tomography, micro-tomography, RX, RX3D, Elemca, Toulouse, France