Fire resistance tests

Fire resistance of aircraft components and structures

The test facility and test procedure conform to the International Standard ISO 2685 and RTCA DO-160.
Testing can also be adapted to the FAA Powerplant Engineering Report No. 3A and AC 20-135.

The device is based on a flame generator. The flame from the generator protrudes through an oval mouth of dimensions (6x11) inches. The flame has a temperature in the range (1100 ± 80) ° C, at least 25% of the cross sectional area. The fuel used is propane.
Flame temperature is measured by thermocouples according to specific regulatory requirements.
The thermal performance of the flame-retardant device is maintained within the required range according to the requirements of the regulations. Performance is measured before and after the test.

ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: fire proof, RTCA DO-160, AC 20-135