Cobalt-60 gamma free field

Cobalt-60 gamma free field (open) for component testing

The cobalt irradiator is used as local reference. It has a well defined (almost monoenergetic) photon beam and a highly stable dose rate.

  • Model: Terabalt T100 from UJP Praha, Czech Republic.

  • Radionuclide: cobalt-60 (gamma energies: 1.17 MeV and 1.33 MeV)

  • Half-life of cobalt-60: 5.2710 y = 1925.21 d (u =0.015 % = 0.3 d) for 365.242 d/y. This reference value is from Table of radionuclides (comments on evaluations) vol. 1-3, Monographie BIPM-5 (2006). The effective or "apparent" half-life describing the exponential decrease in dose rate at the reference point for the standardized DTU set-up is 1918.0 d (u=2.5 d with k=1).

  • Dose rate: ~1 Gy/min @ 100 cm distance (2018).

  • Beam: Fixed horizontal beam.

  • Collimator: 5x5 cm2 to 40x40cm2.

  • Special features: Full computer control using the DTU scripting software (MELab).

  • A special rig has been designed for irradiations (see sketch below). The rig enables accurate positioning of ionization chamber free in air at the 1000.0 mm reference distance using the motorized xyz-stage. When the ionization chamber is in place, the water tank is lifted into position.

Features radiation:
Heavy ion
Dose rate: ~1 Gy/min at 100 cm distance (2018).
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
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