Small thermal cycle chamber

The model number is Despatch 900 series. The temperature is controlled by Watlow EZ-ZONE. Heated air and LN2 are used for heating and cooling of article. If user needs less humidity condition, Aluminum sheet with N2 purge can be used as a protector sheet.

Specimen length [mm]: 250.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 350.0
Specimen height/thk [mm]: 250.0
Mass max. [kg]: 5.0
Higher temperature [K]: 473.0
Lower temperature [K]: 93.0
Temperature change rate [±K/min]: 10.0
Data acquisition: 16 Channels based on LabVIEW program
Project heritage: Kyutech satellite project, Japanese Universities and Company, Over seas Universities and Company
Keywords: Thermal vauum, CubeSat, component