Centre Spatial de Liège

Centre Spatial de Liège

The Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) is an applied Research Center owned by the University of Liège, focused on design, integration and calibration of space observation instruments.

CSL also operated a highly specialized environmental test center to support ESA program as well as space industry and regional companies. Through several state of the art facilities standing in an ultra-clean environment, CSL provides a customized service to expose instruments, systems and even, satellites to extreme conditions encountered in deep space with a unique expertise in optics and thermal regulation, including cryogenics. We are proud to highlight our participation to a great number of renowned space missions such as SOHO-EIT, XMM, COROT, HERSCHEL, PLANCK, JUNO, etc.

CSL is an active research centre in the fields of space instruments, space testing and technologies. CSL is highly known as a test centre but it as also important activities in space instrumentation and advanced technologies. For years, the CSL has been an “ESA-coordinated facility”. Today, the Testing Department operates five thermal-vacuum chambers with volumes ranging from 1 to 170 m³, two shakers (88 to 200 kN) and a number of specialized equipments all located in a 1,000-m² clean room area (ISO 5 to ISO 7).

Name of organisation: Centre Spatial de Liège

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Centre Spatial de Liège