Structural Engineering & Analysis

ATG has recognised expertise in the design, (FEM) modelling and analysis of spacecraft structures, from entire satellites and optical payloads to mechanisms, electronic boxes and more.

If you need expert support in your project or program, our team is ready to help:
- At any stage of the development: from conception to detailed implementation (phase A to D).
- In all critical tasks: requirements definition, design, analysis, test support or technical review.
- According to your preferred approach: from new space pragmatism to traditional space thoroughness.

Mechanical Design

  • Mechanical design following best industry practises and always considering manufacturability and integration constraints.
  • CAD modelling using Solidworks and Catia V5.
  • Drafting & GD&T of manufacturing drawings.

Structural Modelling & Analysis

  • Finite element modelling using the industry standard Nastran.
  • Static analysis: QSL, EFD, etc.
  • Dynamic analysis: modal, random, sine, vibroacoustic, shock, microvibrations.
  • Thermo-elastic distortion analysis using Sinas.
  • Bolt analysis as per ECSS and VDI standards.
  • Fatigue, fail-safe and fracture mechanics analysis.
  • Model reductions (e.g. Craig-Bampton condensation).
  • Verification both of metals and composites.

Test Planning & On-Site Support

  • Test predictions.
  • Sensor planning.
  • Notching in vibration testing.
  • On-site expert support during test execution.
  • Model-Test correlation.

Technical Reviews

  • Independent review and evaluation of existing mechanical designs and structural analyses.
  • Tailored to customer's needs, project phase, etc.

Synergies with Thermal Engineering

Structural and thermal problems are often closely interconnected. Thus, it can be beneficial to tackle them together.
ATG is a well established player no only in the structural, but also in the thermal engineering domain. Therefore, we can provide a combined offering which allows tackling the dependencies between both disciplines in a holistic manner. This is an invaluable added value in situations where pointing accuracy and line of sight requirements are critical, such as in optical instruments or in certain types of antennas.

Type: Service
Available standards (e.g. ASTM, MIL): ECSS, NASA
Project heritage: Multiple institutional and new space programs
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: FEM, NASTRAN, vibration, thermo-elastic, analysis, acoustic, shock, SINAS