Internal Payload Hosting (Bishop)

Bishop gives the user the freedom to perform several tasks whether it’s for microgravity research, Earth Observation with several pointing options. Airlock operations are streamed in real-time in high-quality – not only for ensuring mission success but for customers that want to throw a launch party for their team and other stakeholders. 

Do you want the finest payload volume management?
Bishop makes you possible what it’s not inside the ISS: it enables in-flight training, tele-operation and telecommand robotic handling systems, microgravity research and much more, with a larger payload volume and a smoother safety process. Bishop allows you to expose your payload under a vast range condition in the LEO orbit such as: Extreme heat and cold cycling; Vacuum; unfiltered solar light; High-energy radiation environment. 
Bishop sets the standards to achieve higher TRLs or to reach new scientific and technological goals (IoD/IoV). In addition, there’s no limit to pointing options while attached to CanadaArm2. Zenith, Nadir, Ram, Wake – so feel free to tell us what you need. Ability to bring the payload back inside the ISS to work on it and swap/change components to expand mission spectrum.

Do you want to explore the most competitive and versatile solution?
We at Nanoracks Outpost Europe value your time and our wish is to focus on your needs. This is why we offer a versatile user-oriented programme. Host directly in the space environment, collect data, reduce risks and get to an operation programme faster and cheaper. Choose between 4-5 launch windows per year and shift this at little to no cost, all the way up to L-110 days, granting you a very flexible launch window with possibility for last minute preparation. Test our high reliability thanks to proven launch systems with well-defined schedules and less chance of launch delays. 

Don’t worry for disruptions.
Our services offer a sustainable approach allowing the user to do on the ground post-mission analysis of the effects of the space environment on hardware, including failure analysis. We dedicate insurance programmes for re-flight in the event of failure.

Bishop Hosting Features

  • Location Movable on SSRMS (CanadaArm)
  • Maximum payload size 44.2″ x 44.2″ x 50″ and 709 lbs
  • Maximum 144U per Airlock sortie
  • Must fit through Node 3 Hatch
  • 46″ if CPAs rotated and kick-plate installed (nominal)
  • 50″ if CPA’s removed (premier)
  • Mission Lifetime 15 weeks (nominal), extension available
  • Mission Customization Available by request

Power: 120 VDC; 350 watts (nominal)

  • Maximum 700 watts but must coordinated with Nanoracks as total Airlock payload power available is 2.6 kW berthed and 1.8kW un-berthed – This is a shared resource so payload usage will be managed by Nanoracks.

Data: Ethernet protocol (nominal)

  • 100 Mb/sec to Airlock avionics 
  • Data rate from Airlock to ISS: 100 Mb/sec berthed (hardwired to Node 3); 10 Mb/sec un-berthed (WIFI)
  • Data rate to ground to be negotiated with NASA
  • Data storage capability within Airlock avionics
Type: Service
Keywords: ISS, payload, IoT, IoD, IoV, microgravity, research, LEO, low-earth orbit, airlock , nanoracks