ENBIO Thermal Vacuum Test Facility

The ENBIO T2 thermal vacuum test facility is located at the ENBIO R&D lab in Glasnevin, Dublin 11, Ireland, just 15 minutes away from Dublin Airport. This facility utilises a 60 cm internal diameter high vacuum chamber with an internal length of 66 cm. The chamber contains an aluminium thermal platen, through which a cryo-fluid is circulated. Temperature control of the cryo-fluid is achieved using a dedicated commercial cryo-chiller with 3.0 kW of heating power and ≈ 3 kW of cooling power (3.8 kW at 100 °C, 3.7 kW at 0 °C, 2.2 kW at −60 °C, 0.7 kW at −80 °C).

Type: Service
Features thermal:
Solar simulator
Thermal plate
Temperature controlled shroud
Specimen length [mm]: 550.0
Specimen width/dia [mm]: 480.0
Higher temperature [K]: 423.15
Lower temperature [K]: 203.15
Temperature change rate [±K/min]: 2.0
Feedthroughs: Numerous d-sub 25 and d-sub 50, SMA coaxial, & 8-pin 25 A per pin power feedthrough. Expandable as required to suit project requirements.
Data acquisition: Calibrated thermocouple signals acquired at 4 Hz using a National Instruments DAQ. Additional thermocouples are available upon request. Calibrated pressure gauge recorded at 10 Hz.
Vacuum limit [hPa] [mbar]: 1×10−6 mbar
Keywords: Thermal vacuum, thermal vacuum cycling, TVAC, thermal cycling, vacuum, Enbio, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland