Thermal Engineering

Utilizing 20 years of Thermal Engineering experience, Azimut Space has supported customers through all phases of thermal projects, including:

1. Preliminary thermal design

-Requirements definition
-Subsystem architecture trade-off
-Technology assessment
-Preliminary design of the system
-Preliminary analysis
-Coupon testing approach definition

2. Thermal Analysis

-ESATAN, Thermica, Thermal Desktop
-Geometric and Thermal Modeling
-Orbital modelling
-Complex physics & controls
-Planetary thermal modelling
-On-surface operations analysis

3. Detailed design and hardware selection

-Detailed analysis cases definition through the mission lifetime
-Detailed design of the system Hardware selection and specification
-Detailed thermal analysis cases
-Detailed sensitivity analysis to determine the uncertainty margin

4. Hardware procurement and development

-Requirements specification
-RFI, RFP and RFQ preparation
-Supplier assessment
-Thermal hardware supply chain from all over the World

5. Hardware characterization and QA

-Thermal characterization tests
-Performance and test reports
-Compliance with ECSS and ESCC standards
-PA/QA requirements scalability based on the customer needs

6. Thermal testing

-Test plans and procedures
-Test executions in internal and external facilities
-Test preparation (including development of test adapters)
-Data acquisition and post-processing
-Evaluation of the results and reporting
-Thermal model correlations

Thanks to its flexible operating methods, Azimut Space offers its customers expert support in any and all aspects of Thermal Engineering.

Type: Service
Available standards (e.g. ASTM, MIL): ECSS, ASTM, MIL
Project heritage: HP³ (InSight - DLR/NASA JPL), MASCOT (Hayabusa 2 lander - DLR/JAXA), PEASSS (EC FP7), MWIRFA Instrument (MetOp-SG2 – Sonaca SA/Airbus DS), JMC Monitoring Camera (JUICE - Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration), MEDIATA Telescope Thermal Control System (EO Telescope - Medialario)
Keywords: Thermal Engineering, Design, Analysis, Esatan, Thermica, Thermal Desktop