Thermal design and analysis

Madrid Space offers you a complete support on thermal engineering. Our team can help you to define your thermal system from “a to z”: from architecture / high level design, to detailed / low level design. This is achieved by means of an approach based on years of thermal design and analysis experience. Our expertise includes background in the most widely used solutions for spacecraft thermal control:
• Passive thermal control: MLI, heat pipes, radiators, coatings.
• Active thermal control: thermostatic temperature control, PI(D) control, 2-phase fluid loops, thermo-electric cooling (Peltier cells), louvers, deployable mechanisms, cryocoolers.

From the thermal analysis perspective, we can help you to face any challenge you need to overcome:
• In-orbit and on-ground thermal analysis.
• Steady-state and transient analysis.
• Thermal mapping of structural models.
• Thermo-elastic analysis, including structural model generation and analysis.
• Reduced thermal models creation
• Correlation between detailed and reduced thermal models, and between detailed models and tests results.
• Model conversion among different software (thermal and non-thermal)
• Thermal Ground Support Equipment (TGSE) and vacuum chambers design and analysis.
• Support to test campaigns, including thermal vacuum and thermal balance test.
• Use and deep knowledge of the European standards (in particular: ECSS-E-ST-31C – Thermal control general requirements and ECSS-E-HB-31-03A – Thermal analysis handbook)
• Extensive experience with both ESATAN-TMS® and Thermica®

Project heritage: Mission portfolio which includes large missions (ESA and NASA), telecommunication satellites, Earth observation satellites, cubesats, etc.
Keywords: Thermal Control, Analysis, Design