Lunar Regolith Simulant

We produce simulated extraterrestrial materials such as lunar regolith and lunar ice so that research and testing can be performed either in our labs or at our client’s facilities.

Lunar regolith varies depending on where it is found on the Moon. There are two general types, Mare and Highland regoliths, as well as materials unique to certain specific locations on the Moon. Each type of regolith is composed of a mixture of components which can vary depending on location.

What is unique about our simulants is that we produce each component separately and then build up specific simulants according to our client’s needs. This way we can emulate the anticipated regolith at a client’s proposed landing site so the testing they conduct for their mission will be more meaningful and their mission will have a greater chance of success. Many organizations may not have a specific landing sight selected or want to test their technologies for general conditions on the Moon so we also produce standard representative regolith simulants. These standard simulants are based on average samples of appropriate regolith types gathered during the Apollo Missions.

For polar missions, learning how to collect and process this ice into rocket fuel, breathable oxygen, drinkable water, and other critical supplies is vital to a sustainable presence in space. We developed a lunar ice simulant to test and calibrate technology for polar missions.

Keywords: Regolith, Simulant, ISRU, Moon Ice