A monochromator is an optical system that transmits a specific band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The device is based on the separating capability of refraction (prism) or diffraction (diffraction grating). A monochromator is used to produce a beam of light with a very narrow bandwidth - effectively light of a single colour. The way in which this is achieved depends on the application - the most common method is to bend the unwanted wavelengths away from the original path so they can be blocked.

Lamp Type: Xe, Ozone Free
Lamp Wattage: 300 W
Tunable Range: 450-1000 nm
Computer Interfaces: RS232 or GPIB
Spectral Resolution: 5nm
Dimensions: 762 x 457 x 394

Keywords: Monochromator, optics, LAPAN, Brin, Indonesia