Tensile Testing PREMIUM

Tensile Testing Service

The Beyond Gravity Materials Test Lab is certified for Non Destructive inspection of different structures and materials and for destructive testing methods as well. Because of the extensive experience and expertise gained during many years of testing our in-house projects, combined with the specialised test facilities developed in this time, ensure a reliable partner is available for all test services.

The tensile test machines are able to deliver results for tensile, compression, bending and shear force tests. The tensile testing machines from Instron, Amsler and Shimadzu are most often used for tensile and compression tests. Strain gauges and displacement transducers provide a tool for very exact displacement determination. Forces up to 250 kN can be applied.

The two ovens mounted to the tensile testing machines enable testing between -100°C and 350 °C. With special devices bending and shear properties can also be evaluated. A broad variety of adapters enable testing of different geometries and particularly component testing requires special equipment. The obtained properties include but are not limited to stiffness under compliance, spring constants, force displacement diagrams etc. to characterize brackets, hinges, fittings and the like.

Our test service contains:
- Young’s Modulus E
- Proof Stress Rp
- Yield Strength ReH, ReL
- Tensile Strength Rm
- Elongation at break A
- Compressive Strength at Break RbB
- Flexural Strength òB
- Shear Modulus G for composites
- Forces up to 200 kN can be applied
- Tests can be perform in a temperature range from -70° C to 350° C

Type: Service
Features material:
Specimen length [mm]: 1880.0
Data acquisition: Operational data are recorded automatically; additional data acquisition can be provided
Project heritage: This facility is used for the test of space equipment as well as of other highly sensitive industrial products and prototypes.
ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: material test, ruag, switzerland, beyond gravity, tensile testing