Element Materials Technology

Element Materials Technology

The Element lab in Muelheim, Germany is a DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory, which specializes in material testing of metals, welding technology and failure analysis. The laboratory is Nadcap accredited and QTML qualified by Airbus.

Our dedicated specialists in Muelheim have extensive knowledge and experience in materials science, materials technology and welding processes. In addition to standardized mechanical-technological tests in accordance with ISO, ASTM and other standards, they also offer customer-specific tests, failure analysis and support for research projects.

We offer a wide range of destructive and non-destructive materials testing services. Our Nadcap accredited materials testing services include:
• Bend Testing
• Charpy Impact Testing
• Etching Services
• General Metallographic Evaluation
• Grain Size Determination
• Micrographic Determination of Grain Size
• Micrographic Determination of Non-Metallic Inclusions - Steels
• Micrographic Determination of Non-Metallic Inclusions - Steels - Standard Diagrams
• Micrographic Determination of Non-Metallic Inclusions with rows - Stainless Steels
• Hardness & Microhardness Testing
• Hardness Testing - Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers
• Hardness Testing - Welded Joints
• Mechanical Tests of Steel Products
• Notched Bar Impact Testing
• Tensile Testing - Ambient & Elevated Temperatures

Name of organisation: Element Materials Technology - Muelheim Laboratory

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Element Materials Technology