Test Flight Facility

Test Flight Facility for Sounding Rockets / UAS / UAV

SSC provides one of Europe's largest testing areas for autonomous systems such as UAS and drones as well as sounding rockets.

A 5 200 km2 large unihabited ground area with a 6 600 km2 restricted airspace from GND to UNL gives unprecedented possibilities to test and operate both vehicles and sensors.

By SSC provided services:

  • Coordination and control of the campaign
  • Safety
  • Mission meetings
  • Host Flight readiness review
  • Operations
  • Countdown operations
  • Metrology
  • Provision of launcher infrastructure

Provision of launch pad inclusive necessary infrastructure

  • Power
  • Ethernet fibre connection
  • Water
  • Safety systems and firing lines
  • Preparation areas

The facilities are located on SSC Esrange and provide well sized and temperated preparation areas, offices, equipped biological laboratories and workshops as well as hotel and restaurant on site.

ISO/IEC 17025
ISO 9001
Keywords: In flight testing; Drones; Rocket flight testing;